Social Media and the PhD


Image shared under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license by Atos

One of the most beneficial things that I have done during my PhD is to engage with PhD-related social media. It began with my following #PhDChat on twitter and this snowballed into me finding a number of useful individuals and communities. Whenever I have come across something that I can’t quite work out alone and want some quick advice, I drop a tweet with one or more hashtags and I usually get helpful advice within a couple of hours.

I have also found that when I’m having difficult days, it can help to pop onto twitter and see if there are any requests for help that I can offer advice to. The little confidence boost that comes with being able to help someone else goes a long to reminding myself that I can do this. It’s a great community to engage with and something I would highly recommend to other doctoral students.

I’ve complied a short list below of accounts and hashtags I have personally found useful, to help those starting out. I’m sure you will find many more, so please feel free to comment and I will add them on 🙂

@thesiswhisperer – Dr Inger Mewburn is the managing editor of the Thesis Whisperer blog, a highly useful collection of blog posts about every conceivable PhD concern.

@ThomsonPat – Professor at University of Nottingham, author of patter blog, another brilliant PhD/academia guidance blog.

@Acwri/#Acrwri – Discussion and support group for academic writing.

@SUWTUK/#shutupandwrite – Online shut up and write group. 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 10am BST.

@ECRchat/#ECRchat – Early Career Researcher network, great for making connections.

@PhDForum – Discussion and support group for PhD students.

@PhD2Published – home of #Acwrimo (academic writing month – every November)

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