DigiLit Leicester Project Update

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With the release of the DigiLit Framework only a few weeks away, we wanted to let you know that we are making good progress with the project, from the development of the online tool to discussions with schools about how they wish to engage with the framework.

The Pilot phase of the project is now complete and I am now working on the final draft of the framework content. This final draft, which has been developed in consultation with experts in the field of digital literacy and our schools, will be a result of close practical consultation with school staff during the pilot phase, ensuring that the framework tool is clear and easy to use. We were able to meet with a range of staff, from both mainstream and SEN schools, providing a well-rounded perspective on the content. We are very grateful for the continued support we have received from both staff and schools throughout this process.

The online survey development is currently underway; it is a custom built tool to ensure that it meets our requirements and offers the best possible user experience. We are also very excited by the progress being made with the graphics and imagery that will accompany the framework tool and its supplementary materials. The tool will undergo testing over the Easter holidays and will be released, as planned, on Monday 15th April.

We are developing a collection of promotional and support materials to accompany the framework release, which will also be available to schools on the 15th. These materials will include an introduction to the project as a whole, an explanation of the six key themes or strands of the framework and a ‘walkthrough’ video of the framework being used. The resources are designed to support school staff, either working together or individually, in completing the framework and will hopefully answer any questions staff may have prior to engaging with the survey tool.

Alongside the support materials, we will also be sending posters to schools to display in staffrooms and other common staff areas in order to promote engagement with the Framework. Information will be sent out to staff through our project blog, the Learning & Innovation Lowdown (the BSF ICT strategy team’s newsletter), BSF News (the BSF programme newsletter) and the Schools Extranet Bulletin/E-Bulletin. We want to ensure all BSF Secondary school staff are aware of the framework, and how it can help support their practice.

Following emails sent out to schools regarding engagement with the framework, we have already been to visit 7 schools to discuss how they plan to use the survey to support their staff and to help them develop a strategy which suits the school’s needs. We’re pleased with the initial level of interest from schools who have been very enthusiastic about working with us to take the project forward– and we are keen to support more schools in engaging with our work.

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