Developing enquiry using iPads

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Last Friday, Leicester City Council held their first Learning and Innovation Group workshop. The Learning and Innovation group is the BSF ICT group that looks at the practical uses of technology to support creative, engaging and effective learning, teaching and school community development. Meetings will mainly take a train-a-trainer approach, holding high quality, free workshops for staff who can then disseminate the skills and information across their schools.

The workshop was led by Steve Bunce, an Apple Distinguished Educator and experienced training provider. The Developing Enquiry workshop is currently being run as part of Futurelab and NFER’s CPD workshops. We held the event at Phoenix Square, Leicester.

The workshop provided opportunities for school staff to experiment with a range of iPad apps and resources within the context of enquiry-based learning. This particular workshop was chosen due it’s links to other projects involving the BSF team, for example Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes and the Digital Literacy Self-Review Framework being developed by myself, Richard Hall and Josie Fraser.

Steve introduced the group to a variety of applications, for example:

The use of all of these tools were embedded within the theme of enquiry-based learning; Steve provided many examples of how these tools could be used within the classroom. Management issues were also discussed and attendees had plenty of hands on experience. The workshop was organised into three sections, looking at three different styles of enquiry-based learning;

Those attending felt the day had been very positive, stating that  the workshop was more practical than they had expected, making it easier to relay information back to the school. They felt that working with a theme helped to contextualise the use of the applications, helping the staff to see themselves actually using the technology within the classroom. It was mentioned that it may be useful to return to this topic in a few months, to see how the workshop affected practice; the Council also feels that would be beneficial for those attending and also for the BSF team to evaluate the value of the workshop.

List of apps used within the workshop – PDF

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