Aurasma Tutorials

They’re finally finished! I’ve had a couple of technical issues during the preparation of these resources but can now proudly announce that they are ready to use.

There are two strands of videos, one computer based and one device based – you can find links to all of the tutorials on my resources page.

I would advise that you watch the first tutorial video before signing up to the Aurasma Studio.

There are advantages to using both methods:



Allows bulk uploads of trigger images and overlay content

Has built in animations not available in the studio

Allows ‘masking’ of images (marking areas of the trigger image that you do not want to be recognised)

Makes uploading content taken on the device faster and simpler

Allows ‘Location Auras’ (Auras which only work in a particular place) to be created without being at the destination

Allows ‘Location Auras’ to be created on the spot

With both the studio and the app, overlay content can be resized, moved and rotated. It’s really down to what you find easiest – mouse clicks or gestures.

It really is down to the task at hand and your own personal preferences. I find that I use both, and through the use of channels I can still access the final Auras (this is the name given to the Augmented Reality in action) that I create on the studio through my phone’s app.

1. Using the computer-based Aurasma Studio to create your content (this is a collection of four tutorial videos)

2. Using the device-based Aurasma App (for Apple and Android) to create your content (this is one tutorial video)

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